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Imperia GP prototype review by AutoMoto's Denis Brogniart (TF1) (01/25/2015)

Denis Brogniart drives the Imperia GP prototype in the Liege area.

The saga Imperia - La Une (01/23/2015)

Little story about the iconic Belgian car maker Imperia...from the origin to the future !

The video is visible on the following link

Dream Cars 2015 (12/30/2014)

We have the pleasure to inform you that Imperia Automobiles will be present in the Dream Cars space at the next Brussels Motor Show and we would be especially pleased to welcome you to our stand from January 23 to 25, 2015 to witness the unveiling of the pre-production version of the Imperia GP.

Imperia GP (chassis numbers 2 and 3) (12/12/2014)

Imperia GP #3 is ready for the European Motor Show Brussels

A year of intensive testing (06/25/2014)

Chassis #3 is on its wheels (11/16/2013)

Imperia Automobiles officially becomes a car manufacturer (COP 0470) (11/04/2013)

Conformity of production of motor vehicles according to the specifications of the Annex X of the Directive 2007/46/EC and of the Appendix 2 of the Agreement E/ECE/324-E/ECE/TRANS/505/Rev.2.

This statement certifies that the manufacturer Imperia Automobiles SA has developed and implemented in the plant the necessary procedures to comply the conformity of production.
The assessment of these procedures was conducted by AIB-Vinçotte International SA and were based on the quality management system of the EN ISO 9001:2008, the existence of adequate arrangements and documented control plans in order to verify the compliance in regard to Annex X and Appendix 2 of the ECE Agreement


Imperia GP - Auto Mobile - (RTBF-La Une) (03/15/2013)

Gérald Wéry is in Liege to test the Imperia GP

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Video about Dream Cars 2013 (European Motor Show Brussels 2013) (02/25/2013)

Hereafter a video about Dream Cars 2013 where you can see the Imperia GP.

The video is visible on the following link.

Dream Cars 2013 pictures (02/21/2013)

Hereafter the pictures of Dream Cars 2013

Brussels Motor Show 2013 - Dream Cars for Wishes (12/20/2012)

The Imperia GP will be present at the Brussels Motor Show 2013 (an exhibition of 51 dream cars to benefit the "Make-a-Wish" foundation). To be seen this 18th and 20th of January in Heysel's Palais 11.


Stéphane Lémeret tries the Imperia GP for V12 GT (10/03/2012)

Essai Impéria GP Roadster - L’hybride belge roule enfin !

350 chevaux pour moins de 1.200 kilos, un style très typé, une vraie autonomie en mode électrique… Avec cette Impéria, la Belgique revient sur les devants de la scène automobile ! (...)

The Imperia GP at "Spa Euro Race" on June 23rd and 24th 2012 (06/18/2012)

The Imperia GP will be this WE at the "Spa Euro Race" on the Spa Francorchamps racetrack.

The prototype of the new Imperia GP will be presented for its première at the "SPA Classic 2012" (25th-26th & 27th May 2012). (05/18/2012)

Imperia Automobiles chose the most beautiful racetrack in the world to officially present the development mule of the Imperia GP.

You will admire the new Imperia GP and an exceptional and rare Imperia racecar from 1930 in the paddock from Friday 25th to Sunday 27th.

The highlight of the show will be a parade of the two cars on Sunday 27th at 12h40 precisely.

We will welcome you with pleasure during this weekend.

New calculation of the taxable benefit in kind for company cars (01/18/2012)

A genuine opportunity for the Imperia!

The changes to Belgian taxation of company cars positions the Imperia GP as one of the most advantageous cars in the “sports” segment.

In fact, downsizing its thermal engine and the large capacity of the batteries of this Plug-in hybrid mean CO2 emissions of less than 50g/km, which today remains a record for a sports car whose autonomy is not limited and that has over 350 horsepower.

Since 1 January 2012, the taxable benefit in kind is based on the car's list price as well as on its CO2 emissions.

So the Imperia GP quite frankly goes much farther than the minimum emissions taken into account for petrol engines (100g/km). It will therefore be taxed at much lower rate than a similarly priced car that uses conventional power.

By way of example, let's take the new sports car of reference in terms of emissions: the Porsche 911 (991). The taxable benefit in kind for the option-free model of this car comes to €11,823/year, whereas the Imperia will escape with €3,240/year.

Without mentioning the 100% deductibility for the company. You do the maths!

First laps (12/23/2011)

The trial run of the Imperia GP demonstrates promising results

After completing two years of tests on the hybrid motorisation of the Imperia, installed in a Ford Escort Mk1, the team is now testing the final version.
In October 2011, engineers in charge of the Imperia project started a comprehensive trial run on a test bench as well as on the road. These exhaustive trials test the proper operation of the Imperia GP in all cases, even in the most severe conditions that can be simulated by using a chassis dynamometer. These simulations are then confirmed by road tests.
From the beginning of the trial run, the consumption measured in pure electric mode remained between 20 and 24 kWh AC per 100 km. This efficiency is a record for a sports car! This low consumption and the high capacity batteries lead us to predict a comfortable range in electric mode.
In terms of handling, the first trials have already confirmed the sporty genes of the car: hyper rigid tubular chassis and double wishbone suspension.
Testing the hybrid mode is now underway. The conclusions of this detailed work will very soon confirm that the Imperia GP will keep promises in terms of performance and driving pleasure.

AutoWereld (09/06/2011)

Article visible on the following link

België heeft er een nieuw automerk bij. De naam Imperia wordt vanonder het stof gehaald en op de welgevormde kont van een hybride sportwagentje geplakt. De eerste exemplaren belanden volgend jaar op de weg, als alles volgens plan verloopt. Wij zijn in Luik al eens in de potten gaan neuzen. (...)

The team is growing… (06/15/2011)

Imperia GP has found its Production Manager.

With 8 years' experience managing small scale production under his belt, Pascal Cremer launched his new career at Imperia Automobiles on 23 May 2011.

It was at the Carat-Duchâtelet company, globally recognized for its activities in armoured vehicles and in customizing interiors, where Pascal Cremer, 40, equipped himself with the technical and human skills necessary for this key position.

He immediately put his shoulder to the wheel to validate, from the perspective of production, the latest prototype developments. Logically, as from now he will supervise the materialization of the interior of the Imperia GP. Finally, he will also take charge of implementing the assembly line, recruiting the required personnel and managing the increase in strength of future production.

We wish him great success with his various missions.

« Droit de rencontres » (05/31/2011)

The Liège Bar Association has organised its first lawyer trade show for entrepreneurs.

For many among us, lawyers and other advisers are perhaps still synonymous with lengthy proceedings and great expense for SMEs.

Through the 'Droit de Rencontres', the Bar's intention was to approach entrepreneurs and offer even greater emphasis to its role as permanent partner.

Imperia Automobiles decided to support the approach by proposing an innovative automobile environment for the organisation of the event.

It was thus in the new Imperia premises at Sart-Tilman where several entrepreneurs of the region gathered last May 10 to share their experiences and attend a number of mini conferences. Topics like the liability of the company director, entitlement to the creations of employees or financing investments in renewable energy were addressed in a friendly climate.

Going home (04/06/2011)

After 60 years of good and loyal service in Switzerland, a TA11 Jupiter has returned to its roots in Liege.

Built in 1939 in the Imperia workshops in Nessonvaux, this elegant and rare old gem brought great pleasure to those who had the chance to drive it during its first incarnation. With a body in perfect condition and a 2L motor that still glistens, it will again delight visitors in its new home.

Its impressive radiator grill and flowing lines remind us of the obvious relationship Imperia GP has with its illustrious predecessors. It is therefore perfectly logical that this muse will occupy a prominent position in our new installation, next to its hybrid descendent.

Imperia-Abadal (02/10/2011)

Imperia Automobiles acquires the historic Imperia-Abadal make

The Imperia GP sports versions, including the track-ready version, will from now on bear the famous logo with the imperial crown.

As early as 1922, an Imperia-Abadal 15-22 Hp (photo), which was designed for racing, was triumphant at the Grand Prix in Belgium beating its rivals by over thirty minutes!

You'll find more information on this track-ready 'Imperia-Abadal' version on our “options” page.

Le Moniteur (01/21/2011)

Article visible on the following link

The Imperia GP on Brussels Dream Cars Motor Show (01/21/2011)

21 January 2011 – IMPERIA AUTOMOBILES SA is proud to present its dream hybrid in flesh and bone...

The first Imperia to leave the Liege workshops for more than 50 years is given a prestigious baptism at the Motor Show, a world exclusive in the framework of the 'Dream Cars for Wishes' event, an exhibition of dream cars to benefit the Make-a-Wish foundation. To be seen this 22nd and 23rd of January in Heysel's Palais 11.

Jobs (01/06/2011)

Vacancy: Production Manager

To start soon the series production of its first car in the area of Liège, Imperia Automobiles intends to hire a Production Manager.

Details and applications on the link herebelow or contacting PNP Manager.

Best wishes! (12/24/2010)

From our future showroom, Imperia staff wishes you the best for 2011.

From our future showroom under construction, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2011!


The Imperia GP lifts a corner of the veil... (12/03/2010)

Preparations for the start of production of body panels have commenced.

After the freeze of the car design in compliance with technical, aesthetic and legal considerations, Imperia Automobiles and its subcontractors have commenced preparations for the start of production of body panels. With completion of the masters (picture), it is now time to make the moulds. As a result, here will be the first Imperia, on a 1 to 1 scale, for 50 years! The official introduction is coming soon…

Foundation stone laying (08/11/2010)

The building of the production facilities has started

The first Imperia GP will see the light in the lovely wooded and high-tech Sciences Park of Sart-Tilman, in the surroundings of Liège. After excavating in June and some well-deserved holidays, the builders laid the foundation stones of the future Imperia’s assembly hall.

With a combination of offices, showroom and assembly and maintenance workshops, this functional and modern building will offer an ideal capacity for a pilot production up to 100 vehicles a year.

Summer news in brief… (07/15/2010)

Thanks to a lighter summer schedule, here is a focus on a development phase: the integration of main components

The one who passed yesterday by our workshops might have seen the first Imperia GP on its wheels…

Logical step following the chassis development on the welding table, the integration of main components offers the opportunity to broach topics such as driver ergonomics, braking system, steering and suspension. This is therefore the whole drivetrain which is studied on a static mode.

Imperia Automobiles increases its capital (06/11/2010)

Imperia Automobiles raises sufficient financial means to complete prototyping works

The last Monday, 7 of june 2010, Imperia Automobiles company saw its equity increased. These new funds from private and public investors will allow the Belgian company to complete the development works under the best conditions. The first drive of Beauty comes nearer!

Imperia GP : extension of available version range (04/21/2010)

The orders for the refined version of Imperia GP roadster are now opened!

Pleasure of driving. Maximum energy efficiency. Imperia Automobiles is booking orders for the refined version of its Imperia GP roadster.

You can therefore now reserve your chassis through the “order” page.

Record on the horizon… (03/30/2010)

A real boost for the environment and performance!

Two technical innovations were recently introduced into the Imperia’s motorisation. The news of 12 January updated you on the arrival of the 1600cm³ direct-injection turbo engine and the news of 10 March told you about a new transmission.

The performance calculation has been updated which means we can expect 0 to 100km/h in 6.0 seconds in electric mode and 4.0 seconds in hybrid, with 1000m SS covered in 22.5 seconds!

What’s more, there’s also something new in European norms for trials for plug-in hybrid vehicles. Regulation R101 finally provides a definition for a weighting method between the two extreme drives with batteries fully charged or completely drained.

Under strict application of this norm, record CO2 emissions calculated for the Imperia fall to below 50 g/km. Numbers we’ve never seen before! All advantages for professional Belgian customers who can deduct 100% of their purchase and for private customers who can receive a premium for the purchase of € 4,540. For Walloon customers, an extra € 1.200 Eco Bonus will be granted by the Region.

Speaking strictly scientifically, European ‘well to wheel’ emissions – from primary energy to wheel – amount only to 112 g/km. The same methodology applied to a Smart cdi results in 101 g/km. Mission accomplished!

A transmission full of mystery... (03/10/2010)

Keep this to yourself

Green Propulsion, the Liège company that’s developing the Imperia, is past master in the design of forms of hybridisation appropriate for each application. Its books full of orders from the most reputable European car manufacturers bear witness to this.
Wiser for this experience, and, more especially, for the lessons learned from the Escort mk1, Green Propulsion recently conceived of a very innovative transmission for the Imperia. Compared to the previous version, the electric battery mode benefits here from improvements along the lines of increased efficiency (10% more range) and reduced unwanted noise.
But we won’t say anything more about it right now because...there's a patent application for the innovation!

Orders opening ! (03/01/2010)

Imperia Automobiles officially opens the orders for its Imperia GP first edition. 50 units of this first limited series are now on sale. More info on page “Order”

What’s new under the bonnet? (01/12/2010)

Yves Toussaint, executive director at Imperia Automobiles sa, answers some questions

What’s new under the bonnet?

“Because of the credit crunch, the order books of car-part manufacturers have unfortunately been practically empty. And our petrol engine supplier has not escaped: because it has so few customers, it has had to delay to beyond our schedule the production of its exceptionally charismatic V4. After long reflection, our alternative choice fell to the 1600cm³ turbo direct injection that is used in, in particular, the Peugeot RCZ, the Mini John Cooper Works and the future Citroën DS3.

Why this motor?

“First, because this class of supercharged capacity was selected by the FIA to drive the WRC and WTCC championships. There will therefore be very competitive developments available. Also, in this class, it is the 2009 Engine of the Year.”

How will the performance of the Imperia be affected?

“Thanks to an even greater downsizing, the supercharging and direct injection that allows for an increased compression ratio of 10:1, the output will take a leap upwards. These will all benefit consumption and CO2 emissions. In terms of performance, the torque increases by 30% and power by 19%. So just wait for an announcement to be made in the next few days that is even more sensational in terms of the calculation of official CO2 emissions and of acceleration! The standards have been set for the succession of the V4 on the grounds that it has an entrancing sound..."

Our best wishes for the year 2010! (01/02/2010)

Cold start tests

During these cold winter nights the Hybrid Escort was covered by a white coat. The ideal opportunity to test its cold start...
At -10°C, the increase of the internal resistance of the batteries reduces by only 20% the available power for the first acceleration. Further than the first 3 kilometers, the whole performance capability is back.
No other problem occurred.

Construction of the Imperia chassis (11/25/2009)

Finalization of the first Imperia chassis

A few time ago we announced you the beginning of the manufacturing works on the first Imperia chassis. This one, made of tubular steel is now fully built!
The attached picture shows its design sturdiness, conceived accordingly to severe FIA regulations.
Next step will be to integrate powertrains, suspension, steering and braking.

New motor for Imperia (11/06/2009)

For the last few weeks engineers from Imperia Automobiles have tested on a bench a new motor – inverter system

For the last few weeks engineers from Imperia Automobiles have tested on a bench a new motor – inverter system. The Results exceeded the expectations:

• 350 Nm from 0 to 3000 rpm
• 120 KW from 3000 to 6000 rpm
• Efficiency up to 92%

These new components have been installed on the mule Ford Escort mk1 which is now therefore transfigured by the transplant. The tests allow us to confirm serenely the performances advertised for the Imperia as the latter is still lighter than the mule.

Construction of body and frame prototype (06/30/2009)

Thanks to the works done by partners and in line with the final technical drafts of the Imperia GP frame, the Imperia Automobiles staff has now started the construction of the steel tubular frame on a welding table. In parallel with the body works under way and following the results of the Escort mk1 prototype, here are then the first tangible elements prefiguring the Imperia GP.

Imperia Automobiles concludes strategic technical partnerships (06/04/2009)

Imperia Automobiles has concluded these last month’s several important technical partnership agreements with renowned companies. These strategic agreements cover fields such as body, opening parts and technical frame design and development. These partnerships will offer the Imperia GP some mechanical and aesthetical finishes as well as driving behavior equal to the embarked plug-in hybrid technology.

The Imperia GP in Liege Science Park (05/20/2009)

Advanced studies defined the Liege Science Park in Sart-Tilman as the most privileged location for the Imperia GP production. Besides logistics aspects highly favorable for the project, the site offers a great proximity with the R&D center. This will facilitate the transition from the prototyping phase to the production one.

Ready for hybrid mode (11/03/2008)

After several convincing road trials in pure electric mode, our engineers were able to start the engine of the Imperia prototype, last step before the full hybrid mode! Besides the configuration of this engine, Green Propulsion also achieved the throttle motorization and the clutch automation. The testing allowed as well the validation of the cooling circuit of both engine and motor. The staff will start this week a complete test campaign on a chassis dynamometer.

Imperia GP options list (09/12/2008)

Before the official start of the preorders within a few weeks, the Imperia Automobiles staff unveiled the options list that will equip the upcoming Imperia GP...

The last few weeks witnessed important progress on the technical and commercial points of view. So the future happy owners of the Imperia GP will be shortly allowed to confirm the acquisition of this jewel through the official start of the preorders.

In view of this event, the Imperia Automobiles staff unveiled last week the options list that will equip the hybrid roadster.

These options are grouped in 4 packs that can be cumulated for your greatest delight:

• Pack 1 « Race-Ready »: vehicle optimization for track driving with the following main components: reinforced brakes and suspensions, fire protection system, racing seats, FIA approved seatbelts and roll cage, data logging system.

• Pack 2 « Safety »: complements to the chassis safety with ABS, airbags, BAS, ESP.

• Pack 3 « Comfort and Multimedia »: Superior quality leather for interior trim, air conditioning, powersteering, navigation system, full Hi-Fi system and other interior accessories.

• Pack 4 « EcoMax »: Hybrid Diesel version and bigger battery pack for more autonomy in pure electric mode, reduction of fuel consumption to the profit of electricity and record CO2 emissions.

Commercial success for Imperia (08/05/2008)

Imperia registers more than 160 order intentions!

After the unveiling of its design and performances and a few months presence on Internet, the commercial successes of the Imperia GP PowerHybrid is well beyond expectancies. Indeed, more than 160 order intentions have been registered! That reinforces the company from Liège in its strategic choices and augurs the best for the future...

New series of tests (05/26/2008)

Electrical rear-wheel drive validated on May, 26

The henceforth famous Mk1 from Liège showed up as a finely assembled, well-balanced and efficiently “electriwired” car all along the first kilometres of cruise tests last April.
On the end of May, the crew hit the road again in order to finalize electromechanical tunings, on-board equipment and inside dressing. Our electric “maxi kart” is now ready to begin its mutation into a hybrid sports car.

First tests successful (04/11/2008)

Electric car with tremendously good handling

As planned, the car faced its first drive tests in sole electric mode last Friday, Apr 11. The “mutant” Ford Escort Mk1 successfully passed some severe test: steering, brakes, suspension let the motor deliver its performances, which augurs the best handling for the Imperia. A test that leads to confidence and confirms solutions elaborated since long within Green Propulsion’s walls. Be it on the electrical or mechanical hand, the Imperia is born.

Tests in pure electric mode (04/06/2008)

An Escort Mk1 to try the Imperia’s ecological engine

Early April : the car from Liège undergoes its first driving tests in pure electric mode !
The beauty’s future induction engine has already settled in a legendary Ford Escort Mk1 : a light rear-wheel drive, capable of hitting the road and cruising under any weather condition.

Besides assessing reliability, the goals of these tests were : to confirm the announced performances, to precisely gauge range and to check the cooling system, among other measurements.

Meet up in late April to discover the first results !

Beauty unveiled (02/23/2008)

The presentation of the Imperia took place on Feb 22

Within its new premises, Green Propulsion used the occasion of the official inauguration to reveal its luxury hybrid car to the world. Were present ministers Simonet, Antoine and Marcourt, Pr Rentier (Headmaster of the University of Liège), local and national press journalists and numerous important people involved in the economic life of Liège. A real success given the number of guests that were present and the complimentary feedbacks picked up in the print and broadcast media on the following day.

Imperia revives (02/02/2008)

Green Propulsion is the new owner of Imperia, a make from Liège

Enthusiasts kept on dreaming of it, Green Propulsion did it ! After years of patience and three months of administrative steps, the young company from Liège eventually obtained from the OBPI the right to exploit the old make and its logo. Neglected since the middle of last century, the quality label from Liège is making its come-back through the ambitious project of a new hybrid roadster with astonishing performances.

Crash-test passed successfully (08/13/2007)

The tubular frame of the Imperia complies with resistance tests

Designed in 3D with modern computer techniques, the canvas-shaped frame of the future Imperia was tested for twisting and crushing. Results : it fully meets European latest norms and gets approval from the FIA, meaning a frame matching up to the extremely high requirements of racing, thus making of this race car an example in the field of security, without having to carry the burden of usual security measures.